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Teaching Approach

Living Anatomy Foundation Course

Artery Brain ManThis course is held over eight weekends supplemented by home directed study.

The course will focus on the natural health expressions of the body through an anatomy approach that explores the body as a living experience. There is a commitment to learning that is both informative and experiential. Particular attention will be paid to relating structure and function to your living body experience.
The material presented is compatible with a progressive educational concept that includes latest theories on the body from new science, concepts from alternative therapy bodywork approaches along with medical science. The body is looked at as a living phenomenon that is unfolding and informative of its early origins. Powerful forces are involved in cell division and organisation from the moment of conception onwards. If we can relate to the body with this understanding then it is possible to contact deep vitality and intelligence.
At the heart of our unfolding is an intelligent life force.
Throughout the course there will be discussion of how the body structures express health. Anatomical terminology will be taught. There will be an emphasis on practical elements, including surface anatomy, mobility testing and simple touch and palpation skills. There will also be guidance around experiencing your own anatomy and physiology through guided awareness exercises and self-palpation. The experiential work is designed to give you a sensory perception of you own body. Some pathological conditions will be covered.